How to use Smart Notes

How to use Smart Notes
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

Well It is the simplest thing

first install the extention from chrome webstore here . also if you like the concept o upvote us on producthunt page below

when you install the extention your new tab will be shown like this

Now you can start creatiing a note just by clicking the text shwing write something ...

after clicking it you will see a form for your note a title and a body

fill it as per your needs as click on the button in the right upper hand coorner to save it

and that it you have saved your very first note

also you can color your not differently to make it rememberable . just hover on the note to see some extra options

the one in the between is to set a background color for your note when you click on it you will see different color you can choes from

and select any color you like and that will be applied to your note

How To Add a Image in a note

To add a image you first need to add a image by clicking the icon in the right as in image

when you click on it it will show you a option to upload an image just add an image and then you will get a preview of it . when you are done click on Add Image button

you will be taken back with an image where you can give a title and a body supporting the image note and save it as earlier by clicking the button in the right top hand corner

and then you will see the new saved note also in the new tab also you can change the background color if you want

Thanks a lot many more features are on the way