Mobile app to create REST APIs

javascript Oct 18, 2019

What is smartcodehub

Smartcodehub is a Online software as a service platform for creating Rest APIs and connecting them with back end Mongodb(for now ). Built on top of Express, you can generate data model definition directly from your browser and easily generate a fully functional dynamic end-to-end REST APIs that can be called by any client

Now in this makers generation , Smartcodehub has came up with an idea of generating Fully Customizable and dynamic  Restful APIs directly from your mobile phone

Note : The IOS version of the app is still in development

you can create the API resources and then share it with your team via as per sharing options of  your phone  

You can get the android version from here

Just watch the video below for the demo and if you are on desktop i am sorry for the size but still you can enlarge it and view