Node API starter | Express and Mongodb API

javascript Oct 11, 2019

If I tell you you can generate a fully working Express and Mongodb  API as per your models with image upload ,Authentication and authorization  (and many more coming soon ) functionalities , in just few click how would you feel . just imagine it can reduce a whole lot of repetitive time of yours and increases your productivity by almost 60 - 70 % .

I know it sounds scammy but believes me it's not.

Its a small tool or a web site where you just have to tell it what will be your table structure how many properties the tables will have and even you can specify validation for each property like whether it is an image or what should be the default value or min-max (Generally all the validation of MongoDB )

you can specify the table responsible for authentication like User, Employee even the system is smart that it automatically identifies this kind of tables and you can create an authentication API out of it

yes literally that's it now you just have to select the models you have created and click on the button and just relax you will have a working Rest API built with Node js express and mongo dB (for now planning on other stacks also if it works well)

Convinced : Visit

Just have a look at this small video just to see how easy it is

Thanks alot for taking time to Read this

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