Image Upload API In Express Automated

node js Oct 6, 2019

This is the continuation series the first article can be found at this link

In this post, we will see how we can generate automated image upload API using node.js , Express , Multer.

So let's see the process step by step with images.

1) Navigate to , click on give a shot button

2) Login with your credentials or register if you don't have account.

3) You will be redirected to

4) Click on download dropdown and just download the Express Js zip file.

5) Extract it to the place where you want to make project

6) Now, change the name of database in app.js file as you want and run the following command

npm i

After that , Get back to website and Go to Entities and create modal

Give the name to table and add the properties which you like,

Now, when you are giving a property that contains image file then you have to check the isImage property in extra properties.

7) After creating the model just click on save button and download the resource zip file.

8) Extract the downloaded zip and copy the files one by one in specific folder in starter template.

9) Now, open the instruction file and do the following changes.

10) That's it now you can run the postman to test the API put the content from FORM DATA in Body tab.