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Rational numbers in python

Rational numbers in python

Rational numbers are fractions of ineger

Neeraj Dana
Neeraj Dana

Rational numbers are fractions of ineger


In python rational numbers are represented by Fraction Class from fractions module some examples of fraction would be

from fractions import Fraction

val = Fraction(3,4)
value = Fraction(35,15)
negativevalue = Fraction(-35,15)

Fraction Constructor

in python ther are certain ways of creating a fraction they are


so in the above code the default values of the numerator  is 0 and denominator is 1

x = Fraction('12')
// it will be converted into 
// x = Fraction(12,1)

Operators on Fraction

all the basic operations on fractions is application such as add subtract multiply and divide and others

1/2 + 1/4 = 3/4

Fraction(1,2) + Fraction(1,4) = Fraction(3,4)

print (Fraction(18, 5) / Fraction(18, 10)) 
# returns Fraction(2, 1) 
print (Fraction(18, 5) * Fraction(16, 19)) 
# returns Fraction(288, 95) 
print (Fraction(18, 5) * Fraction(15, 36)) 
# returns Fraction(3, 2) 
print (Fraction(12, 5) ** Fraction(12, 10)) 
# returns 2.8592589556010197