Smart Interviews | Share Code in Real-Time

javascript Oct 20, 2019

So let me tell you a small experience of mine many times it had happened that I had given the interviews of my friend when it was a telephonic round, and if he is lucky (which he is not ) he would have cleared the machine round and landed an excellent job

So the point which I want to make is in telephonic round or hangout or Skype (up to my knowledge ) it is a bit difficult actually to identify the candidates coding performance and for that we again have to call him at our place and then reject or select .

so won't it be nice if while taking the interview both (interviewer and candidate ) can share one browser tab (with a temporary virtual development environment for any language ), and the candidate can code, and the interviewer can see it in real-time on his desktop or even in his mobile with a live audio and video chat options directly from that browser without installing any additional software

Just open the URL, and you are in just like hangout but with collaborative code editor where each user can code simultaneously, and others can have a look at it

Let me introduce you to

A Badass Platform For Sharing Real-Time Code With Your Team. Code show Has An Collaborative Editor Which Helps You To Share Code in Real-Time .

Code show Is The Much Easiest Platform To Use As It Looks. We Don't Have To Do Much To Get Starter Follow The Steps Given Below.

1.) Just navigate to  Code show official website

2.) Click On Create Doc Button In The Website and then You Will See The Change In URL at the end of the URL there will be a unique string that is room id, so copy the URL (with room id) Share the URL with your friends or anyone whom you want to join for that specific session

Other Use Cases

Code with your team

Multiple team members can work on the code or can share the code snippets with the team members in real time

Teach people to program

Share your code with students and peers then educate them.