Smart notes | Sticky notes for chrome

Neeraj Dana
Neeraj Dana

Sticky Notes For Web Browser Smart Notes


Sticky Notes

You can save some quick notes with a title and a body so that whenever you need it they are right thier in you new tab

Image Notes

Some time you need to save a nopte with a image we take care of that also now you can save a image supported by a title and body

Voice memo

Don't want to write still need something to be captured do it we have a voice memo also where you can use your mike and save a audio as your notes

Set Meeting / Notification

Now its time to take go on meeting.What if this is done by smartnotes all you need is to make a notes and set time in setting menu to get notified of perticular note or meeting which you have set.

Smart Notes | Sticky Notes for Browser
Smart Note is a note-taking and sticky notes service on chrome new tab (Currently ) developed by Smartcodehub
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