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Smartnotes | A simple sticky nores chrome & firefox extension which help you to store all important thing on your chrome/firefox tab.

Abhishek Dana
Abhishek Dana

A modern smartnotes version with tons of new features and improvements is now available on the Chrome and firefox our biggest release ever.

We have added lot of new feature like notes with image , notes with audio , notes with image and audio and its not yet over we have redesign our UI on the basis of the user satisfaction.We are also glad to inform you about the latest feature of video conference with smart notes | sticky notes for your browser which allow multiple people to join at once with given credentials for free.

Nowadays video conferencing has been one of the most used tool for face to face interviews , online education , and many more needs And most the video confenrencing partner have came across from india like jiomeet.To overcome the need we have also integrate a small video conferencing feature to join meeting , conduct online classes , interview and much more.

Notes also have some setting where you can change the color of the background of notes and set notification for each note.Notification was actully a greate idea for user who need to notify for perticular task as perticular time.

Here are some of the images of the latest version of Smartnotes...

Video Conferencing

You can download Smartnotes for chrome here & for firefox you can download it here.

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Abhishek Dana

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