Why Kotlin to develop the app in android studio?

android Aug 19, 2019

In this article we are going to know about the difference between kotlin and java,why android is switching to kotlin.Before going further let's first understand What is kotlin and java?

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language created by JetBrains and is utilized by application improvement administrations to give Android portable applications. Kotlin is upheld by Google too! It is an open-source programming language which is statically composed. The projects created utilizing Kotlin are perfect to be kept running on Java Virtual Machine or JVM.

Why select Kotlin for mobile app development?

Straightforward and economical writing:

It appears that the developers of Kotlin knew precisely the pain of getting to recollect the difficult syntax whereas writing and therefore the exceptions and errors that come back as a neighborhood of not having followed the syntax. They so developed Kotlin that encompasses an easy, straightforward and comprehensible syntax. the number of lines to be written for a purposeful program whereas doing mobile app development victimization Kotlin is a smaller amount so creating it less time-intense and economical.

Practical with java:

One of the foremost helpful options of Kotlin is that it's not fully freelance of Java. It will be aforesaid that Kotlin is associate degree improved version of Java while not its drawbacks and limitations. Kotlin uses all of the Java libraries however improves them to extend their practicality and value. it's developed in such the simplest way that migration from Java to Kotlin seems like a come in the park. All the functions written in Java will be simply known as victimization Kotlin. This makes it straightforward for corporations with large Java codebase to migrate to Kotlin for mechanical man app development if required.

Straightforward Maintenance:

The IntelliJ plan is JetBrains’ platform that is the bottom for mechanical man Studio by giving in-depth IDE support to Kotlin and so seamless development of mobile applications. Integration with IntelliJ plan framework is instant and so provides access to a variety of productivity tools. A configuration of Kotlin takes no time with the assistance of a mechanical man studio. Writing, Navigating and Debugging of code is created straightforward with the assistance of mechanical man studio.

Android developers will simply maintain Kotlin with an oversized range of day, SDKs and mechanical man Studio. Kotlin provides the developers with the pliability of operating with any toolkit they want to. Such high compatibility of Kotlin makes it another widespread alternative among developers.

Extremely Reliable:

The biggest drawback Janus-faced by mechanical man developers is to traumatize multiple versions. it's extremely incompatible and non-reliable. Kotlin solves this biggest pain purpose in mechanical man app development by being reverse compatible with previous versions still.

Simple, Apothegmatic and Straightforward to find out:

Kotlin is admittedly easy and straightforward to find out that makes it inevitably a well-liked language alternative for consultants WHO need to migrate to less complicated language still as for newbies WHO plan to develop helpful mechanical man applications. Kotlin is strong and eliminates the requirement for repetition of identical lines of code. Kotlin additionally has a token style so creating it extremely clear, straightforward debugging and minimum scope for errors.

Less Errors Occurrences:

A compact and apothegmatic code of Kotlin ensures that there area unit lesser possibilities of error occurrences. Errors area unit detected throughout the compilation of the code instead of at run-time and so makes it a safer choice compared to Java. This, in turn, saves time spent in Testing the code.

Kotlin has tested to be operating well for several startups and established corporations worldwide and it's replaced Java. Here area unit a couple of startups that are victimization Kotlin or that have migrated from Java to Kotlin to leverage its benefits:

Few startups that are victimization Kotlin or that have migrated from Java to Kotlin

A. Pinterest: This widespread social media and pic sharing app that was at first engineered victimization Java has currently migrated to Kotlin. It showcased the myriad advantages of Kotlin throughout Droidcon NYC in 2016.

B. Kickstarter: This crowdfunding platform that has been serving to aspiring designers, developers and therefore the artistic pool to boost funds for his or her comes has deployed its mechanical man Application in Kotlin.

C. Uber: The leading cab service everywhere the globe have adopted Kotlin for his or her internal tooling processes like annotation processors and Gradle plugins.

D. Trello: This convenient Project Management Tool hasn’t migrated its code in Kotlin however they're currently writing the new codes victimization Kotlin because of its simple usability and ability.

Despite an excessiveness of benefits over Java, Kotlin still has its share of drawbacks. Below we've got listed the disadvantages of victimization Kotlin or migrating existing code to Kotlin.

Time Consuming In Learning:

Although being the same as associate degree extent with Java, Kotlin still has sure characteristics distinctive to itself. therefore once you area unit going to switch to Kotlin, your time should be endowed to coach your resources and build them a professional at victimization Kotlin for mechanical man app development.

Lag In Compilation Time:

It has been ascertained that the code for mobile app development written in Kotlin takes time to compile compared to Java. this is often thanks to the very fact that the compiled result's a mix of many tests. this will end in unwanted lags within the development lifecycle.



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